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Wooden Products Delivery Time

Wooden products play an important role in designing interior and exterior look of your home. The beauty of wooden products can be brought to its surface ONLY through proper selection of wooden components and step by step qualified processing. The life-cycle of fully finished solid wood products starts from proper selection of wooden components through step by step qualified execution.
It is important to understand why custom products may take more than 30 days to deliver at the doorstep. 
Selection of Wood 
For wooden products, various factors need to be considering the end product in mind. Characteristics of wood explain the generic characteristics of raw wood which is in the form of timber of a tree. 
For a final product, one can select any part of the timber and prepare a final product immediately after cutting it off from the tree. This assures a product is ready but not the best quality product. 
To get the best output one must be very experienced and practical in selecting raw wood. One should not choose a part of smaller branches or twisted wood to prepare a final product which involves straight components in assembling a final product. Also, ager of the timber/tree matters a lot. Comparatively older rather full-grown tree will have better durability, grain structure, and strength in comparison to the non-matured tree. The grain strength, durability is higher at the central straight core of the tree. On another side, strength will be comparatively less in the shorter branches. Hence for long-running strength providing components of the final product, it is important to use a central component of the tree. On another side, the branches and short length part of trees can be best used for shorter components of the final product. 
Striking a right balance comes from an end to end woodworking knowledge which is very rare in the overall wood industry. We at WoodArtGuru carrying this knowledge since last three decades, where we have a capability of delivering the highest value to our customers. 
Few industries are in rush to cut the trees just to ensure that they fulfill customer demand in shorter time. Of course, shorter manufacture time with faster delivery ensures good cash flow, higher turnover, and growth of an organization. 
We at WoodArtGuru always ensure to have a right balance in the delivery high-quality product by selecting right wood/timber/tree quality in manufacturing components for the final finished product. 
Timber Sawing/Cutting of wooden components
After selecting right timber, we ensure to have optimized value in cutting those timber into right dimensional components. The detailed Saw Mill Timber Cutting is been explained here. For all our manufacturing processes, we use Mili-Meter as the measure of dimension in preparing all wooden components. We ensure to select right grown timber for long length strength providing the composition of the final product. We ensure to select the right mix of short length component from the right part of the timber. We also ensure that smaller components are picked up from fully grown straight wood and not from twisted non-grown wood. 
The components must cut from a full length of the timber, it should not be damaged in between the length of the component. There is a proper difference between damaged timber resulting in damaged component and a component with a slight defect which can be corrected without compromising the strength of the component. The right timber cutting will take approximately 10 days for a specified special custom order.
Seasoning of wooden components - 
Component seasoning is THE most important step in ensuring an end to end sustainable quality for final wooden products. The overall seasoning process is been explained in a post – Wood Seasoning.
We ensure that wooden components get exposed to a right mix of both Air (Natural) seasoning and Kiln (Artificial) seasoning. Good seasoned wooden component results in a very sturdy long lasting final wooden product. The success of a great quality wooden product depends on the right moisture content controlled through professional well-supervised seasoning process. The seasoning process will result in an uneven behavior in wooden components. Post complete seasoning, the wooden components may get hairline cracks in the body, bend in length, big cracks on the edges of the components. This is a proactive or bringing forward approach to defects from wooden components. Rest assured post removal of these defects there are very very minimal chances of getting defects in the final products throughout its entire life. Only drastic unexpected change in environmental condition may have an impact on the final product throughout its life. 

The point here is - seasoning, detailed quality inspection, removing those defects and selecting only best quality wooden component takes its own time. We can definitely squeeze this time but this may result in generating poor quality component - which is against our objective/mission in serving value to our customers. We are working on building up the right inventory of these finished components without adding additional cost to the final product. We all know that excess inventory is cash blocked in the manufacturing process flow. It has its own opportunity cost which we need to manage effectively to deliver product at right price. 
Machine Work/Assembly - 
This is one of the efficient processes we have through highly automated machinery. The seasoned wooden components go through the flow of machinery via automated feeding. The output from one machine results in an input for the next machine in the process line. The raw components go through these machines for designing the components and placing tongs and groves (male/female joineries). We are so efficient in this process that we produce components for thousands of doors/windows frames and shutters in a day. You may see detailed machinary process in our post - Planing wood & designing Wooden Components
Finishing - 
This is again one of THE important and final steps in designing and delivering the final product. Post final assembly of the product all the edges and hairline gaps are fully filled in which is then been followed by the detailed quality inspection. The routing process is been carried out prior to the pre-finishing activities on the assembled product. The fully filled solid wood final product goes through sanding and buffing process. The sanding and buffing of the final product are very important to bring life to the final wooden product prior to final finishing. You may refer to details of sanding & buffing in this post.  
Post sanding and buffing wooden product go through the sealing process. Sealing process is very important to ensure the clean and neat surface of the wooden products. Our advanced technology and in-house research and development capability bought a unique capability to bring strength and durability in wooden products, Only sealing and buffing process takes 3-4 days for a unique product. Offcourse we process 1000's of products in a day but we have to wait and provide a cycle time of one day post one coat per product. We put multiple reasonable numbers of coats of sealant on the final product.
Post sealing, sanding & buffing we follow a staining process to bring a beautiful looking streamline color through the surface of the final finished product.  Again our in-house Research & Development bring this unique capability through automated machinery. Post sealing/staining we have a final coat of polish through highly automated machinery. This coat is so important that it will ensure to be the face of the product to an external facing environment. 
This important process will take almost 7-10 days. Offcourse we do finishing for 1000's of products but every product has to go through cycle time for each coat of finishing. We can not compromise on this process as our objective is to deliver the highest value to our business partners - customers.