Door Shutters

Single Vs Joint Panel

This topic may not excite our 1000's of customers, but we thought it is still important to provide a right perspective. The wooden panel used in our doors plays a very important in beauty, strength & durability of the final door. In old days users and woodworking professionals use to prefer a single wide panel in the final finished door. It uses to make sense due to lack of technology and innovative solutions around it. Here are few things we consider in delivering joint panel in our final finished products. 
Width of the door -
Though most of the doors for apartments are of/around standard size, some doors of individual houses/bungalows are bit wider in size than normal size. Wider the single door more is the area of the door panel. Usually, we prefer to provide standard width for the stiles and rails of the door, where we have only variable which changes with the door width and height the wooden panel. 
As explained in the Characteristics of wood, wood will always expand and contract along the grains. Wider the single panel more are the chances that wood will show variation in its size and shape throughout the seasonal changes. Hence it is important to provide the strength to the door by retaining the natural beauty of wooden panels. We make sure to keep the natural beauty of the wooden grains by matching them together while joining multiple panels. This is also helping us to select best of the best in maintaining the highest quality. As described in Characteristics of wood, the core wood inside the sapwood section of the wooden circumference is the only best quality wood till pith. Wood both at pith & sapwood section is not considered to be best for strength and durability of the final product.  
Our quality inspection/control at each stage ensure that we sort those pieces of wood during respective manufacturing processes. We select only best quality wood from core to bundle them together into a high-quality end product. 

Best Pieces Together

The best quality wooden components with similar grain structure are been bought together. The highest strength will be bought together by joining these panel components together.


Ultimate Value

The fully qualified wooden panels will be combined together and then processed through planning, sanding, buffing till assembly and finishing of final product


Highest Durability = Customer Delight

The advanced manufacturing technology, constant Research & Development and our strive to deliver highest value to customer keeps us ahead of game. We have a full control over our product as manage end to end value chain through our processes.

Design of the door - 
The design of door plays an important role in bringing beauty out of it through right wooden panel combinations. Few of customers are extremely happy with the multiple small panels design in single door, whereas some of our customers are experiencing the enhanced beauty of door with longer and wider panels. These custom doors always bring the great amount of experience in delivering value to our customers. Through our experience in serving these varied demands of customers, we have built the standard design which brings the best out of solid wood doors. You may refer to our standard designs in wooden door catalog
Considering all this, we recommend and provide you a joint panel in a final door. This will bring an immense amount of strength, beauty, and durability to final door shutter. Thanks to our innovative solutions and 30+ years of experience in this area. Technology had contributed a lot in recent years which enables the highest pace with maximum accuracy. The innovations in the adhesive industry helped us to be a reliable partner in ensuring we build a strong durable wooden component which is sustainable, beautiful and durable. We did partner with some of the global adhesive manufacturers in building a right solution which will help us with the pace of production and ease of application. Traditional adhesives use to take the longest time to dry and are very inconvenient to apply.  This is been radically advanced now where our automatic machines can easily apply the adhesives in bulk to build the highest strength in wooden components.