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Homeowners love Oak flooring as it offers the timeless look, with its distinctive grain and warm oak colors. Oak gives a feeling and appealing that suits to every corner of the home with distinct decoration. Oak hardwood flooring adds value to your home with its longevity and durability along with adding warmth and character. Different hardwoods have different hardness rating with the change in their characteristics, the hardness of wood represents the resistance capability of wood for dent and wear. Harder wood with good oil content is better able to withstand indentations than softer and brittle wood.

Oak wood comes into two verities Red oak and white oak. Though the visible difference comes with its natural color and grain patterns, there is the only subtle difference when it comes to durability, hardness and even cost.

Red Oak is a unique species where we will have a variety within itself which varies from light honey yellow with a salmon tint to warm amber with brown undertones. Red Oak comes with unique grain structure which pattern shows wider lines which usually runs in zigzag or wavy patterns. This structure adds more beauty to home in preference with home owners. The best part which tempts home owners to incline towards oak is its livelier pattern also helps hide dirt and scratches.

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  • Oak Wood Flooring
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On contrast, white oak comes with less variation in color which offers more neutral palette which ranges from light yellow to golden brown. When it comes to grain structure, White Oak’s grain pattern runs straighter and tighter, offering a smoother visual that works well with many decorating styles.


When it comes to finishing and coloring we always have a choice to use staining to get required color which suits our interior for elegant looks. Not recommended to use staining for Red Oak but for White Oak only if needed.

When it comes to durability, as defined in the characteristics of wood. Due to denser grains in comparison with Red Oak, White Oak brings slightly higher Janka Hardness rating over Red Oak. As said above, both White and Red Oak brings good durability and strength, both are strong resistance to scuffs, scratches, and dents. As in other hardwood floorings, color changes with exposure to light which demands us to think of periodic finishing as needed. Oak woods bring very fewer changes in its finishing compared to other hardwood species.