Door Shutters

Door Shutter Measurement


Before We Start

Woodartguru encourage you to be prepared for right measure of your door Shutter. With right guidance and your commitment we believe to start this journey in adding luxury as first impression.


Height & Width

For highest accuracy, it is better to use existing door as base for new fully finished Teak Wood door measurement. Make sure to record your measures in Mili Meter as described below.



usually main doors in apartments comes with 30-35 mm of width. It is important to measure the right thickness of door with matches with existing Shutter grove in wooden frame.

Before we Start 

To measure an exact size (opening) for door shutter you must need to have a measuring tape. We recommend you to use a standard measuring tape which is stiff even for measuring a longer distance. Here is an example of a good measuring tape. Good quality measuring tapes come with a scratch guard which is assumed to be of good quality for longer durability. Most of the highest quality measuring tapes are verified by Legal Metrology for its scale.  We want to you be assured that tapes are providing right measures and there are no mistakes in the tape that you prefer to use. It is always useful to have someone accompany you rather than taking a measurement on your own.

Once you are ready with measuring tape, a final check needs to be done in ensuring your door frames are in good shape and size. While ordering the door shutters you will have to be sure in the perfectness of door frame. A door shutter will be delivered based on the measures provided by you while ordering a door shutter. Of course, we have a process where we can have a video call with you to recheck on the door size. But it is important to have it right in the first place to avoid any subsequent hassles in delivering high-quality products.  

Make sure you understand the metrics being used on your measuring tape. For highest accuracy, we at woodartguru measure the door dimensions in Mili Meter (MM). Most of the high-quality measuring tapes use the meter as metrics which makes it more comfortable to take measure in Mili Meter. 

Measuring Door Shutter Size

We take every opportunity to ensure our customers are well informed and engaged in delivering highest value.

At Woodartguru, it is important that our business partners - YOU are collaboratively engaged in building right door shutters which suits your lifestyle. Our door designs are been developed in consideration with the highest durability and easy maintenance. As first step lets understand the right way (guidelines) to measure the right size of door shutters. 
Width Measure

Use normal 3-5 meter measuring tape to validate an exact width of door shutter.

Door Shutter Height

Use normal 3-5 meter measuring tape to validate an exact width of door shutter

Get it Right - For the first time  Height & Width of the door. 
 If you have an existing old shutter -
If you are already staying in an existing apartment or home where you are thinking of upgrading your lifestyle - the thing comes in mind is interior but we often forget about the first impression to our home - Main Door.  It is a right time to replace your existing door which is provided by builder based on his economic aspect and choice.  Usually, these doors are made up of the variety of plywood which may not be as sustainable and aesthetic as wooden doors. 
We will use the best use of these doors to have a right measure for your upcoming elegant looking best quality solid wood fully finished Teak main door. Assuming that your existing door is the best fit for your existing door frame, let's start measuring your existing door shutter. 
Start with the width of your existing door shutter - Hold/Huck your measuring tape to end/edge of the door shutter and pull the tape strap from measuring tape till another edge of the same door shutter. Make sure your measuring tape is exactly in line or parallel with the bottom and top edges of the door i.e. your measuring tape should be exactly straight running from one edge of the door shutter to another.  The same distance between two edges of the door shutter may vary if you don't keep your measuring tape straight. Hence it is always important to have someone accompany you to validate these points for double assurance. 
Make sure to take the measurement in Mili Meter as shown below. For highest accuracy, existing door shutter needs to be measured at three places -
  1. Top of the Door Shutter  - 1st picture below 
  2. Middle of the Door Shutter - 2nd Picture Below 
  3. Lower half of the Door Shutter - 2nd Picture Below 
Usually, an existing door should not have any variation in its sizes, but if we have any variation you need to take the highest size of all three to ensure we get a right fir to existing door shutter. Remember, a bit wider size can be reseized to exact size by a small adjustment but if size is smaller than the required width, we will lose the beauty of our elegant looking door. 

Width of the Door

Measure the existing width of the door. The width should be measured from one edge to another for maximum accuracy

Height of the Door

Measure the existing Height of the door. The height should be measured from one edge to another with maximum accuracy

Thickness of the Door
It is equally important to have a right measure of thickness for new fully finished solid teak wood door. As above we may start with the thickness of existing door, this will act as a great base. Usually for main door thickness of the door is either 30 or 35 mm. Depends on the way builder had designed the door frames and door shutters while building the homes.  It doesn't make much difference in durability between 30 or 35 mm if you are going for our fully finished solid teak wood door. But it is important to have a right measure for right fitment of the new door and also for the calculation of the final cost. 

Thickness of Door

Measure the existing grove available in door frame. The measure of grove equals to thickness of the door shutter

Door Shutter Thickness

Measure the thickness of existing door. It is important to measure it right as this will ensure fitment of door locks and related accessories.