Door Shutters

Steps before you buy our Door

We understand the importance of the Main door for your home. We also understand the struggle or pain you go through in ensuring the first impression to your home is more impressive to reflect your lifestyle. We at WoodArtGuru ensure to deliver you that satisfying experience through fully finished solid wood Teak doors.

It is important to understand some of the areas to check before you finalize the main door.

  • Size (Dimension) of the Door

Many of you are thinking of replacing your existing main door provided by builder while you bought an apartment. The main door provided by the builder is usually a Flush Door made from a combination of small wooden pieces assembled together at the core, which is then been layered on both the sides by a wooden veneer (very thin layer of ~0.5 mm). These doors go through rounds of processing of heat and glue which will be made it stick together for a reasonable amount of time. As most of these doors don’t get directly exposed to an external environment, they sound to be efficient at first place. This may not be a case for the long term stable good looking door.
To replace your existing flush door with our elegant looking fully finished solid wood Teak Door, we can utilize the dimensions of your existing door. Please read our knowledge article on How to measure a dimension of existing door. Please ensure to have this dimension in Millimeter for highest accuracy in providing new door and for cost calculations. The usual standard size of the main door goes around 2100 MM (Height) X 910 MM (Width). Our standard doors mentioned in product inventory as presented in this standard dimension. Every apartment has their unique size of door opening which may vary slightly, hence it is very important to have a right size measured when you are ordering our doors. A slight change in dimension demands us to vary the size of the components to ensure the standards are maintained in the door. For example, at any point in time, we need to ensure the width of side rails is sufficient enough to put an automatic lock.
The door will be manufactured based on dimension provided by you while placing an order.

  • Design of the Door

We have taken all necessary efforts to design best possible varieties of doors which suits the global standard and meets all user’s convenience. Hence, we haven’t kept many options but selective one which we are confident to enhance look and convenience. Our 30+ years of experience is being supported to ensure that we deliver the best design which enhances your lifestyle and usability of the door. Select one of the doors from an available option in our products catalog. All our doors are very easy to no maintenance hence the only criteria left is your preference of the design.
Color of the Door -
As you are replacing your existing Flush Door with our fully finished solid wood door, I assume you already have a very strong Door Frame provided by the builder. The door frame is usually designed in plywood which is again been covered by veneers to get a solid wood like feeling. At this stage, we do not recommend you replace your door frames as they are very much closely tied to the front structure of your home. We seriously don’t want to damage an existing structural entrance of the door unless you are thinking of complete home design change.
Builders usually provide door frames with Dark Red/Cherry Red polish which looks equally good for natural finished or cherry red colored door shutter. Our recommendation is to have a Cherry Red color door shutter if your door frame which is already been polished with Cherry red color by builder/home provider. We are open for your choice of color where we provide both the options while you place an order with us for selected design and dimension.
  • Related Hardware
As part of the packaged order, we will provide you normal hardware which is required to fix a door shutter to the door frame. This includes hinges and related screws. We DO NOT provide any locking system with our doors, but we do send you recommended door locks with your door order confirmation. It is recommended to buy a lock from our proposed sources, else you are free to buy these locks from the open market. We will not provide door handles which need to be procured by you for door fitting. Along with door choices, you may spend some time in analyzing right set of door handles, locks which may suit your selected door.