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It's difficult to take wood away from us - It's in our DNA


We're passionate professionals with more than 
30 years of experience in end to end woodworking

We at WoodArtGuru ensure to deliver the highest value to our business partners/customers. We are the only few in the world who have more than 30 years of experience in end to end woodworking. Historically few individuals have knowledge in various wood species and its cutting into wooden planks and components in Saw Mill.We carry that in-depth knowledge as part of backward integration where we have a scientific understanding of wood to the final product. We ensure to study wooden species in detail as described in Characteristics of Wood. 
Beyond identifying right wooden species our expertise serves in ensuring right usage of those wooden species. We ensure Moisture from wood is rightly maintained without compromising natural beauty of the wooden species. Our skills and experience in seasoning wood set us apart from traditional woodworking.  We understand that high seasoning will make it lose the required strength where low seasoning makes it exposed to an environment through moisture content. We know the right balance - You can count on us for this through our expertise/technology & tools. 
The core carpentry skills and advanced CNC machines are blended together here @WoodArtGuru. One cannot serve wooden products only with advanced machinery and without core carpentry skills. We have experience in building our own machinery which supports the core carpentry skills. With this, we are confident of building highly accurate components which goes into a highly precise final wooden product. 
Finally, we understand how to deal and enhance the wooden beauty with finishing knowledge. We understand the importance of wood filling, Wood Sanding & Wood Buffing. 
Traditional woodworking never gets to the extended for this end to end wood product delivery, until now.  
We are here to assure a best quality wooden product delivered at your door stage with a convenient of few clicks. 


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